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"Shall We Talk"

Published in PRISM International (Issue 59.3)

Reprinted in The Tyee (Aug 2022) as "Why Don't Chinese People Talk About The Dead?"

A personal essay about my investigation into the Lauda Air Flight 004 plane crash, which took the life of an aunt I never met.

"Throwing Bricks"

Published in The Ex-Puritan (2021)

A personal essay about cousins, allegiances, and PUBG.

"The Lego Teacher"

Published in Ricepaper Magazine (March 2020)

A personal essay about the time I tried to become an English tutor in Hong Kong.

"Edmonton Is All Highways"

Published in The Sun (Issue 53: Shortcuts, March 2020)

A flash essay about how much I despise Edmonton.

"King Dick"

Published in Ricepaper Magazine (2019)

Reprinted in Belief: Ricepaper Magazine Books Volume 3 (2021)

A personal essay about the time I acted as a marriage witness for a pair of strangers in Hong Kong. Click here to read it.


"Chinese Funerals Are Weird"

Published in emerge 18: The Writer's Studio Anthology (2018)

A story about Western values clashing with Chinese familial expectations over the course of a funeral ceremony. Read it here.


"Get to Know Felix Wong"

Prism International (May, 2021)

I was interviewed by Vivian Li about my personal essay, "Shall We Talk".

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