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Born in Hong Kong, I was uprooted to Vancouver, Canada at the angsty age of eight, where I spent the rest of my childhood struggling to make sense of the English language. It took only a billion Hollywood films and Xbox games for me to become fluent.

As a side effect, through those mediums, I came to appreciate storytelling. Stories, I realized, hold the power to connect us beyond language and culture.

Eager to tell stories of my own, I went on to study creative writing at the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and also the University of Guelph, where I obtained an MFA in Creative Writing.

Nowadays, I'm working on getting my first manuscript published. "Shall We Talk" is a memoir about the 1991 Lauda Air plane crash, which took the life of an aunt I never got the chance to meet, and why Chinese culture is so reluctant to speak of the dead. It's also about Hong Kong, politics, love, and the secrets we keep--so everything, really.

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